cj_kokyunage2Aikido is a relatively modern Japanese martial art which originates from an ancient Samurai form of unarmed combat. It neutralizes an opponent’s aggression through the harmony of movement and precise timing.

In aikido there are no competitions, no tournaments and no trophies.  On a physical level the focus is on self-protection rather than fighting.  On a philosophical level the focus is on achieving victory over oneself rather than victory over the opponent.

Aikido is an extremely effective self-defense art that is both non-competitive and non-aggressive. It does not meet force with resistance or brute strength. Instead it redirects an aggressor’s force with well-timed, flowing, circular movements that lead an attacker off his centre of balance. Rather than relying on one’s strength to overpower an attacker, his own movements and momentum are utilized to compromise his balance and stability. Once he is unbalanced, the attacker is subdued or dispensed with through the use of a wide range of joint locks, pins or throws.