COVID-19 Update

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An Open Letter to Members and Supporters In these times of emergency related to the world-wide novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are all faced with challenging decisions. Some of these require contemplation and others are beyond question. Let me start … Continued


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Members of Aikido Yoshinkai Canada who have been with Kimeda Sensei over the years know that until 2017 one of the hallmarks of his teaching was his weekly Kenshu class. Kenshu are intensive study and training classes and while we … Continued

Ichi-Go Ichi-E

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One of the most succinct answers to the question of why study aikido (or any other budo for that matter) can be paraphrased as follows: To learn about tradition and to improve ourselves. (I have to admit I cannot remember … Continued

Kihon Dosa: The Basics of Basics

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In Yoshinkan Aikido, the Kihon Dosa are considered to be a distillation of the key physical skills and principles inherent in everything we do.  They include:  Tai no Henko, Hiriki no Yosei, and Shumatsu Dosa.  Each of these has a … Continued

Why Study Aikido?

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Why would anyone study something like Aikido? It’s an interesting question in a world inundated with martial arts clubs that profess to turn you into a back-alley bruiser or that dazzle you with tall shiny trophies all lined up attractively … Continued